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Herd Highlights ~ Snickers

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We were lucky to buy Snickers as a young heifer in 2014. She has grown into a good-looking momma cow. She has blessed us with two heifers who are now pregnant with their first calves. This past fall she produced her first bull calf. He is growing well.

Snickers is always attentive to our whereabouts. If she feels neglected, she will let us know – loudly! She leads the rest of the herd to us just in case there is a treat to be had. (four-legged composters!) W...

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Farm Escapades 02.08.19

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Farm Escapades…

Anxiously waiting


We’ve all been there…anxiously waiting test results, news, paycheck, packages and so on. We’ve been waiting for Elsa to lamb for over two weeks. She’s a first timer so it can be hard to judge the signs of eminent labor. We took turns getting up every night at 12:30am and 3:00am to check her. Towards the end we were begging her to go into labor. If there was a switch, we would have flipped it! ...

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Herd Highlights ~ Lacy

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Herd Highlights


She is a beautiful and feisty nannie. Food is her number one passion which makes her very aggressive towards the other goats. Everybody has learned to steer clear. However, Lacy has learned that when we are present, she better be on her best behavior. Bullies are not tolerated. Thankfully, she has adjusted.

Lacy is not one to be petted. She tolerates a quick pat on the back. Which is a huge improvement from when she first came to our farm. She wa...

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Farm Escapades 02.01.19

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Farm Escapades…




Living and working on a farm brings awareness to the Divine design (circle of life). How all things, yes even those pesky flies, serve a purpose, fill a role, in keeping nature harmonious. It’s a fragile balancing act for sure.

Take for instance the harvester ants. They are very docile unless they find a way into your glove. Then their whopping sting makes you yell and jump around in pain. These l...

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Herd Highlights ~ Cleo

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Herd Highlights


Cleo is a mess. We bought her from a couple we visited. She was not the reason we were there, but we adored her the minute we saw her. She followed us around like a puppy. The couple was willing to part with her and she came home with us. Little did we know what adventures awaited.

Cleo finds trouble. We used to use electric net fencing. Sometimes it would be electrified sometimes it would not. She always knew when it was off. We would find her...

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Farm Escapades 01.25.19

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Over the years we have learned to adapt to the challenges each day presents. It’s not always easy, sometimes it is down right frustrating.

After a long week of working to construct a small greenhouse, our efforts are for not. The wind last Saturday picked it up and twisted it good. Yes, we should have secured it before all the blowing started- could’ve, would’ve, should’ve. We thought (well truth be told it was me) it’s only a frame, ...

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Herd Highlights ~ Ruthie

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She was our first full fledged bottle baby. Ruthie’s mom, Divine, passed away from hardware disease (despite multiple vet visits) when baby Ruthie was only a few weeks old. It took time and patience to get her to take a bottle. Once she understood bottle = food she eagerly ran to us 4+ times a day.

When she was 2 years old she injured her hoof. Vet said to give her aspirin. We tried all the conventional methods - she would not swallow that huge aspirin. Hmm ...

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Herd Highlights ~ Lillie

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She is second in command of our goat herd. Yet everyone follows her in the pasture. Where Lillie goes they go. Apparently, she knows all the best places to forage. When we want the herd to come in we start singing her name – they follow. Makes our job easier.

Lillie likes her back and sides rubbed. She is an excellent mother. We have heard full blood boer goats will leave their kids in the pasture. Lillie is Kiko. We breed her to a full blood boer Billie. Ki...

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Herd Highlights ~ Opal

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She is one of the first Dorper Ewes we acquired. We feel in love with her immediately. Opal is quiet, alert, and an easy keeper. Besides her beautiful coloring, her hooves are perfect. (No hoof trimming! Yay!)

She was not real sure of us at first. She kept her distance, sometimes running over other sheep to avoid us. However, this past year was a turning point for her. She understands we are here to protect and provide. Now when we walk by, we can gently scratch her ...

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Herd Highlights ~ Gracie

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She is our oldest and wisest cow. She is full blood Angus. My Grandpa, Erich Domel, gave her to me as a Christmas gift in 2005. I was ecstatic. My very own calf! She tolerated my exuberance and has put up with me for the last 13 years. When Craig and I married she fell head over heels for him. She loves her back rubbed and will tolerate a head scratch. Gracie has blessed us with 10 healthy calves, low birth weight, and fast growers. She prefers to calf at night (much to ...

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