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Herd Highlights ~ Pepper

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We’ve operated a closed herd for so long that when we had to expand it was with fear and trepidation.

We bought Pepper in 2018 from a family farm in Taylor. We are very protective of our girls and introducing someone new …well it was stressful. We kept Pepper penned for a little while, making sure she was healthy and giving her a chance to get used to us. We fell in love with her from day one.

Pepper just felt right.

She is very ...

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Blossoms Update 07.29.19

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Well, we tried something new at the market this past Saturday. A Flower Bar! You could pick your stems and create your own bouquet. We would like to hear your thoughts and/or suggestions. So please feel free to leave a comment or message us. Your feedback is greatly appreciated.


Fall, believe it or not, is coming quickly. Fall seeds have arrived. Seed trays filled in the greenhouse. Yarrow, snapdragons, dianthus, stock, strawflower, aster and more! Plus, more...

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Farm Escapades 07.29.19

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The pearl millet has been scalped.

Our livestock enjoyed its yummie goodness. Now, we pray for rain, believing it will come, so the millet will once again flourish. In the meantime, the girls (cows) and Peace are back across the creek, the sheep and goats are grazing in the pastures. Every day we watch the green fade, and pray for refreshing, renewing, rejuvenating rain. Two inches would be phenomenal.

All in all this summer has been good. We’ve seen much, much, worse. ...

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Blossoms Update 06.06.19

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We started planting in the high tunnel this week. Woohoo! Sunflowers, zinnias, and celosia all like the heat so they were the first to be seeded. We shall see how they do over the next several weeks.

Celosia is another one of my favorite flowers. It is part of the amaranth family. The flame-like flower heads, vibrant leaf color, and unique shape just make me smile and plant more. LOL!

This year I focused on the Chief and Kurume varieties. It will be a while longer before th...

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Herd Highlights ~ Elsa

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Elsa was born in December 2016 on the coldest day of the year. It was around 20 degrees, wet, windy and miserable. We watched anxiously from the house (with binoculars) since her mom was nervous. As soon as she was on the floor in the barn we bundled up and hurried to her side. Quickly setting up a heat lamp and dry hay to keep her warm we watched as she began to nurse.

Sweet Elsa was not to be won over easily. It took us a year or more to earn her trust. Now she loves to be pette...

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Herd Highlights ~ Sheba

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(Queen) Sheba

She may indeed be queen of the herd one day, but until then she is our licky Sheba. She licks our arms, our pant legs, our faces. Her rough tongue hurts after a few licks!

Sheba was born to Snickers at our farm in Jarrell. She loved to climb in the hay ring and lay in the middle of the hay bale. Apparently she felt it was her throne. When we weaned her she kept finding ingenious ways to get back to her mom. (At the time I swore she had some goat in her- LOL!)

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Farm Escapades 05.28.19

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Wailing and Gnashing of Teeth

We worked cattle this week. It was their turn for wellness checks, fly control, and weaning. No matter how tame when separating calves and running cows thru the chute we are on our toes. It only takes a second and a flying hoof or running cow to change your day/life drastically. We are moving quickly and constantly keeping our guard up. Self preservation.

We started off great. The cows and calves eagerly entered the corral for a treat. (All Nat...

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Blossoms Update 05.28.19

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Blossoms Update

I’m thrilled to report the Greenhouse is finished. The replacement parts arrived a couple of weeks ago. To say I was obsessed with finishing this project is accurate. The seedlings that germinated in the old farmhouse have been struggling. Lanky and reaching for the sun – weak to say the least. Starting them where they will have better light is huge! I have a whole stack of seed packets ready. ��

Plus, our dear neighbor came and till...

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Blossoms Update 05.20.19

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Growing snapdragons has been a struggle. I’ve envisioned tall, flowering spikes for months. At our farm in Jarrell I tried growing from seed. Germination was terrible. So, when we decided to grow flowers at our Walburg farm I ordered plugs (already germinated seedlings) from Harris Seed. This year I tried the Rocket and Chantilly varieties.

Weather and other factors delayed planting till March. The snaps are now sending up spikes (Yay!) but are under attack from thrips. Con...

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Farm Escapades 05.20.19

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This past week was full throttle on tractor, fencing, and livestock maintenance. The weather was gorgeous and cooperative. Craig spent lots of hours on the Ford Tractor discing and shredding. Shredding the tall growth to uncover grass which enables it to grow better. He also disced several acres preparing to plant pearl millet, peas, and clover. They are excellent sources of protein and fiber for cattle, sheep and goats.

We finished clipping sheep, trimming hooves and checking overa...

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