Farm Escapades 01.18.19

Posted on January 23, 2019 at 9:10 PM

Laughter helps..

Calves are adorable. Right? They have such cute little faces, big eyes, ears, and well their babies! We plan for Fall calving. So, this past September/October we constantly checked the Mommas. Who’s showing signs of eminent delivery? Eminent delivery for a cow presents in several ways: Her udder swells to the point of OH MY!, her tail head starts to stick up, and she becomes very restless, not eating, laying down, pacing. So, we go on high alert -should we check her throughout the night? (yes) So when the calf is born its like Christmas! We’ve waited for 283 (give or take) days for this baby!

So our calves are all about 4 months or more now. They know who we are (their slaves) and are used to our voices, movements and so forth. This past week we opened a new grazing area for mommas and babies. (Remember – adorable!) We’ve slaved away repairing ancient fencing, putting in new electric fence, checking everything – exhausting work. The moment is here…. We call the cows –Woooowhoooo- here they come. Their eyes are bright, full of excitement, we walk them thru the gap (what we call an opening/closing in the fence). They immediately start grazing, munch, munch, munch…sigh, satisfaction. Months of work paying off with happy cows.

Wait…. oh no..1 calf wasn’t paying attention. Way back in the South 40 there is a calf who will be panicking in about 10 minutes. Shoot. We scurry to round up said calf (Babe) and rejoin her with the herd. Babe is not having it. She knows there is not an opening (gap) in that fence and she is not going thru it. We patiently walk her back and forth, back and forth 10 plus times. (Keep in mind parts of our pasture are still swamp – boots, mud, not waterproof, ugh). Her adorableness has faded. We are tired beyond measure. WE JUST WANT YOU TO WALK THRU THAT 12 FT GAP AND JOIN THE REST OF THE HERD!!!! Our patience has been tested to the limit and we are so close to walking away- DEEP BREATH – try one more time. We box her in, she calls to momma (Ruthie-who is happily grazing and could care less – no help AT ALL!) We stand still, please LORD, let her walk thru…catching our breath…

Babe, looks back at us. Then, ever so slowly, walks thru that 12-foot gap and joins the herd. We just about fell to the ground/mud. Whew…. too exhausted to care, we close the gap, and head back to the house. A hot shower and dinner are finally in sight. We chuckle and then laugh out loud. After all she’s just Ruthie’s BABE!




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