Herd Highlights ~ Cleo

Posted on January 30, 2019 at 10:10 PM

Herd Highlights


Cleo is a mess. We bought her from a couple we visited. She was not the reason we were there, but we adored her the minute we saw her. She followed us around like a puppy. The couple was willing to part with her and she came home with us. Little did we know what adventures awaited.

Cleo finds trouble. We used to use electric net fencing. Sometimes it would be electrified sometimes it would not. She always knew when it was off. We would find her tangled up in netting or grazing in a paddock we had blocked off. She’ll go under electric wire, thru barbed wire, and wander off away from the herd. She is a bit of a loner so we constantly keep an eye on her. Thankfully, she loves her shepherds abundantly.

Cleo will follow us around in the yard, the pasture, down the road. She loves to be petted and is content to be in our business. She has blessed us with healthy robust lambs. Cleo is an excellent mother and puts all she has into raising her young. We wouldn’t trade her for anything even when we are exasperated by her never ending antics.


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