Farm Escapades 02.01.19

Posted on February 1, 2019 at 8:55 PM

Farm Escapades…




Living and working on a farm brings awareness to the Divine design (circle of life). How all things, yes even those pesky flies, serve a purpose, fill a role, in keeping nature harmonious. It’s a fragile balancing act for sure.

Take for instance the harvester ants. They are very docile unless they find a way into your glove. Then their whopping sting makes you yell and jump around in pain. These little guys serve to increase seed dispersal and provide nutrients that increase seed survival. In addition, by creating their underground chambers they provide soil aeration. We have several mounds on our farm that we protect for this purpose.

These ants help keep pastures healthy which benefit our cows, sheep and goats. The goats browse on weeds, cedars, bushes, trees which helps weed the pastures. The cows graze on tall grass and browse on some weeds and trees which helps promote stronger roots and growth. The sheep graze on shorter grass and weeds to promote denser growth. They all spread manure which helps fertilize the pastures providing essential nutrients for healthy growth. It’s a fragile balancing act to not over graze pastures yet ensure everyone is satisfied.

Farming and ranching dominate our thoughts and our lives. It’s easy for us to become unbalanced. We become so focused that we forget birthdays, miss holidays and don’t pick up the phone to call loved ones. Thankfully, our families and friends are patient and quick to forgive. We were reminded this week of how fragile and brief life is. We lost a dear friend. He was a rare soul. He exuded life with a big smile, bear hugs and lots of laughs. He was kind and helpful to everyone. We were blessed to be in his circle of life. Our prayers continue for his family. The days, weeks, and months ahead will be challenging for them and for all of us who knew him.

The circle of life is fragile handle with prayer.



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