Farm Escapades 02.08.19

Posted on February 8, 2019 at 10:10 PM

Farm Escapades…

Anxiously waiting


We’ve all been there…anxiously waiting test results, news, paycheck, packages and so on. We’ve been waiting for Elsa to lamb for over two weeks. She’s a first timer so it can be hard to judge the signs of eminent labor. We took turns getting up every night at 12:30am and 3:00am to check her. Towards the end we were begging her to go into labor. If there was a switch, we would have flipped it! Finally, she went into labor Wednesday and delivered a healthy ram. They are both doing great. We have had 2 nights of blissful uninterrupted sleep. We almost feel normal. More lambs are on the way, so we cherish our sleep for now. (Kidding starts in four weeks too – oh my)

We are anxious for spring green up. The cows are yearning for tender shoots of grass. The goats are ready for those tasty first leaves of bushes and trees. We all sense the promise of spring. Its right around the corner (even though its sleeting as we write this).

We’ve been germinating flower seeds in order to plant as soon as the soil warms. Asters, lupine, marigold, brown-eyed susans, daisies, celosia, salvia, cosmos and more. *happy sigh* The high tunnel should be completed soon. Then planting can begin before the last frost. Playing (I mean working) in the soil is calming for us. There is a bacterium in soil that stimulates serotonin production which makes you relaxed and happier. Recent studies are underway proving this fact. We experience it first hand and know when we are anxiously waiting we better get our hands dirty.



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