Herd Highlights ~ Pearl

Posted on March 27, 2019 at 9:55 PM

Herd Highlights


Pearl arrived at our farm five years ago. She has a beautiful face, a little bit of white on her belly, and intelligent eyes. She is sweet, but moody. Sometimes she wants loving sometimes she doesn’t.

This past year she gave birth to her third bull calf. We were on pins and needles. You see, her first two calves had to be pulled. (By us!) Pulling a calf is stressful. You are worried about the momma, worried about the calf, and praying nonstop. Pearl is a pacer when in labor, so we couldn’t wait till she stopped. Ever pen a cow in active labor? Trust us – not fun. So, this year was decision time. If we must help her again, she would be destined for the sale barn.

October 17th she went into labor. We watched her thru binoculars. Keeping our distance, cheering her on. She paced and she paced and she paced. Our stress was palatable. Then it happened – she laid down and pushed out a healthy bull calf.

We high fived, grinning ear to ear. She did it! Way to go Pearl! We made our way to her and her new calf. Congratulating her with a big hug. Relief flooded over us. Our girl Pearl – she’s a keeper!



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