Farm Escapades ~ 03.31.19

Posted on April 1, 2019 at 2:15 PM

Farm Escapades…

Determination pays off..

March 08,2019 was a stressful day. It has taken this long to decompress, analyze and recover.

Jazz (Dorper Ewe) went into labor. So, coffee in hand we went to camp out and watch. A new lamb was to be welcomed to the farm. Jazz was not thrilled with our presence. We had to be statue still and quiet. (So much for enjoying our coffee.) Her labor was progressing nicely. The smells and peacefulness of the barn were comforting.

A high pitched scream erupted. What?! Jazz was unnerved and bolted from the barn. Her little lamb’s nose visible. Ginger was screaming – oh no – she’s in labor too! Goats are vocal, but usually not to this degree. Her labor was intense and obviously painful. Every contraction she screamed. Thankfully, her labor was textbook and quick. She delivered a beautiful doeling in record time.

Unfortunately, Jazz was now frazzled and trying to mix with her herd. She didn’t want to go back in the nice peaceful barn. Time was running out. The lamb had been in the birth canal too long. She needed to settle down and push. Trying to catch her at this point would just increase her stress. A few more minutes then intervention would be necessary. Jazz layed down. Contractions were strong and finally the lamb was delivered.

We approached cautiously – he was breathing! We cleared his nostrils and moved back. “Ok, Jazz you need to clean him.” (Licking the lamb stimulates it and helps the ewe to pass her after birth.) She walked away. Rejection. The serenity of labor had been broken and she wanted nothing to do with that thing that had caused her so much drama.

We quickly cleaned the lamb and penned them in a small area. Maybe she would come to her senses. 30 minutes later she was still knocking him away from her. Not good. Time to step in. Holding Jazz firmly we guided the little one to her teat. He eagerly nursed. Yes! The next 24 hours were critical – would Jazz accept her lamb? We were determined. Every 2 hours we held Jazz and let him nurse. Finally, at midnight she smelled him as he nursed, and tentatively licked him. Good sign. Hope. 2 am we didn’t need to hold her! Jazz stood as he nursed.

The bond was forged.


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