Farm Escapades 04.28.19

Posted on April 28, 2019 at 7:25 PM

Oh, the lengths we go for our livestock. We tell ourselves often “We are too hands on” but to no avail. This past week was no different.

The forecast for Tuesday night into Wednesday – thunderstorms. Time to prepare. We cover equipment, pick up or strap down anything that will blow, check shelters, barns, and the list goes on. However, top priority Tuesday was the new baby calves.

We have a creek that runs through our farm. Its usually a quiet, tranquil little creek, but fed with enough rain it roars to life. So much so a small calf could easily be swept away. We were bound and determined to prevent that. We planned to pen the mommas and calves by the barn well way from the danger.

Trouble was newborn calves are bedded down by their moms, often solitary and spread out. The calves won’t move or utter a sound until retrieved. The hunt began. We crisscrossed the pasture on foot and quickly penned all but one calf. (of course) Evening was falling. So, we jumped in the RTV, slowly bumping along looking for this hidden calf. We were down by the creek, impatient, stressed, frustrated. Momma hid him good. Wait! There he is! Curled up in the brush on the other side of the hot wire. We cautiously approached not wanting him to spook and run. He stood up and we quickly surrounded him. We walked him to the RTV. Now how to get him across the pasture and to his mom? We made a rope halter – he wasn’t impressed. Wonder if we could put him on the floorboard of the RTV? Carefully lifting him we laid him in between us. We drove as fast as possible to the pen.

His mom scolded us all and then led her calf to the barn. Feeling a tad underappreciated we called it a day.


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