Farm Escapades 05.07.19

Posted on May 8, 2019 at 11:40 AM

It’s always a surprise. We make an educated guess of who’s going to lamb first and we are seldom right. 2019 Spring Lambing. We were wrong again. Sweet Pea will be first we said – she was second. Cleo lambed first. A beautiful health little ewe (girl) – we named her Marlie.

Sweet Pea shocked us a few days later with TRIPLETS! All are healthy and a good size- no wonder she was waddling! Unfortunately, she is not able to nurse them due to scarring from a previous battle with mastitis. Bottle feeding all three is a challenge. They were befuddled by the bottle the first 24 hours. Trying to tuck one lamb and guide it to drink while the others are frantically nosing the second bottle, then you finally have the one nursing and start helping the second lamb only to realize the first lamb has now stopped and can’t figure it out – so you try to gently pry its mouth open to get the bottle in all the while hoping the second lamb is still nursing plus the third lamb has grown impatient and wondered off to try to nurse from another ewe. (Who quickly headbutts it away ☹). Thankfully, Saturday evening they all figured it out. Yay! Now when we walk out and ask, “Who’s hungry?” All three perk up and high tail it to us, hungrily taking the bottles and draining them within minutes. This is Sweet Pea’s last lambing she is officially retired to enjoy the good life here. At the 3:00am feeding Sunday morning Lady Grey lambed. Textbook delivery, healthy lamb-feet dragging we went back to bed. More lambs on the way- it’s only just begun….

Thankfully, we had a break from kidding and calving before we started lambing. The goat kids are all about two months old. Growing well, jumping and playing in the pasture. The fall calves will be weaned soon. Time for momma cows to rest and recover before they calve again. The lush pastures from abundant rain will ease the calves stress and nourish the cows. Good times, good times here at the farm.


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