Farm Escapades 02.24.19

Posted on February 24, 2019 at 9:35 AM

Wandering Hooves


It was that kind of week. We had our to do list ready. Monday dawned and we hit the ground running. Weather for Tuesday was bleak, so we needed to prepare. The pens needed cleaning and deodorizing. We gathered the necessary tools and started shoveling, raking, scooping. Once that pleasant task was complete, we applied lime powder. Lime powder helps deodorize and repel insects. We only apply in the shelters/barns because we encourage beneficial insects. Finally, we scattered fresh bedding and TADA…clean pens. Well at least for a day or two…

Tuesday, we hunkered down. The sheep and goats were fed in their pens. They were content and safe. Our to do list had to wait another day.

Wednesday arrived with a promise of sun and a reminder. Coyotes still roam. Craig was glassing with binoculars and there it was heading up the fence line. It heard our sheep and goats. We quickly made our presence known and it tucked tail, bolting into the brush. We were hypervigilant that day as everyone grazed. Not much was accomplished on our never ending to do list.

Friday, we had the brilliant idea to let the goats and some sheep out front to graze down one area. Apparently, they can’t read our minds and decided the neighbors place was much more inviting. Argh! We quickly cajoled, corralled and encouraged them back home. Thankfully, our neighbors enjoyed videoing the wandering hooves and were happy to have help mowing. You know the old saying, “Good fences make good neighbors” it may be true but good people make exceptional neighbors and we are thankful. Hopefully, next week our to do list will see more crossed off than added!



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