Farm Escapades 03.01.19

Posted on March 1, 2019 at 10:50 PM

Farm Escapades…


We absolutely, unequivocally love farming. However, we always feel like we are pulled in too many directions. It would be so nice to finish a project without interruptions. Interruptions that require immediate attention.

The last of our ewes lambed this week. (One is hopefully beginning labor as we write this.) So, in the middle of plowing, working on the high tunnel or countless other chores we stop to monitor the new momma and lamb(s) to make sure everyone is okay. We are thankful for the new arrivals, but in the back of our minds we know we must get back to work. So as soon as we are satisfied that lambs nursed, and mom(s) are complication free we return to work. Not to mention the countless times we stop and check expecting ewes throughout the day and night. It’s exhausting but thrilling.

The lambs born November/December are being weaned. (Moms are relieved!) Lambs have taken it in stride. There were only a couple of days of nonstop baa. Since they were just used to following mom we now begin to teach them to come to us. They learn to respond to our voices quickly and soon we can let them back out on pasture.

The nannies are due any day. So, adjustments had to be made. They are now in the maternity ward (a pen close to the house) which is convenient for late night checks and safer for the wee ones. The doelings and wethers are enjoying their own pen at night. Unfortunately, this means we have several groups to keep watch over when they are out on pasture.

Nannies are in the south pasture, doelings are in the north pasture. Ewes with lambs still on are in the middle pasture, Ewes that will lamb in April are in the northwest pasture. We watch for hawks and coyotes or anything else causing an upset to peaceful grazing. (Like calves chasing sheep!)

The calves are all growing well. At this age they are very curious and are trying to figure out who or what we are. They nibble on gloves or shirts, lick hands or faces. Dance away if we move to fast, then slowly inch forward to sniff, nibble or lick again. Its hard not to laugh at their comical movements. Especially when they are grouped together and deciding who the brave one will be today.

Our flower field is almost ready for planting. The weather, interruptions, and other factors have us a little behind. Seedlings are growing and will be ready to transplant soon. Hopefully, by then interruptions will be minimal!



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