Herd Highlights ~ Annie

Posted on April 24, 2019 at 7:50 PM

Annie is a pistol. She is confident, likes her personal space, and enjoys our undivided attention. She’ll even go as far as head butting other sheep away from us so she can be the center of attention. She’s been known to go thru an electric fence or two, leaving the rest of the herd for “greener” pastures.

This got her into trouble this past fall-big trouble. We were working on the corral and noticed Annie was separated from the herd munching away. Shrugging our shoulders, we went back to our task. A little while later Annie was in trouble. She knew it and came to us, clearly uncomfortable. One look and we knew-BLOAT!

We quickly penned her and ran to our livestock supply pantry. Mineral Oil, baking soda, pepto bismol, drench gun, and gloves were snatched. Running back to the pen, we saw Annie on the ground, rolling. Oh no. We got her up and in the chute. We carefully mixed our ingredients and administered them. (Hard to do with shaking hands and racing heart!) Now to keep her walking…we walked her constantly, at a slow pace for thirty minutes. Finally, the danger passed. Her sides softened and she began to relax. To close Annie – way to close.

Thankfully, she has had no issues since that dreadful day. She still causes mayhem every once in awhile, but for the most part is an easy keeper. Annie has blessed us with three healthy lambs and is due again any day now.


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